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This is the first proper game that I've ever published! It is a simple top-down, 2D bullet hell-ish game, reminiscent of Space Invaders. I hope you enjoy it!

NOTE: Payments are not expected, though of course they'd be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Fixed an issue with a missing Data folder. Thanks /u/jashLaviu!

UPDATE 2: New Version! Highscores, hit sfx, health indications and more! The game is, I feel, pretty much at Beta stage now.

UPDATE 3: Full Beta! Two more levels, one new enemy, and power-ups have all been introduced in this new version!

UPDATE 4: Better background, small UI changes, and fixed the movement!

UPDATE 5: Minor update to the controls rebinding to fix an issue.

UPDATE 6: Two (that's right, TWO!) choices of player ship! My aim now is to refine the UI a little, and add one or two more types of player ship, and a few more enemies, and a couple more levels.

UPDATE 7: Fixed some absolutely stupid errors that I had made in the code. Many thanks to /u/warNpeach!

UPDATE 8: RELEASE! This is likely the last major update. The game is at a stage where I am content with it; I will probably add another level or two, and I'll obviously fix any bugs if anyone reports them, but otherwise, I feel it is as complete as I can make it. On to the next project!

UPDATE 9: With A LOT of help from Steam user Aero, I've been alerted to some bugs, which I think I've managed to squish. Many thanks, Aero!

UPDATE 10: At the request of /u/Midgard9, I've bundled the source code in with the .zip, for you peeps to laugh at my terrible (lack of) coding skill.


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Just a heads-up: development will start to slow down soon, as lectures start on Monday, so I can't dedicate hours to coding as I have been recently.